16 Horsepower

„Tonight, 16 Horsepower are the best band in the world“ – The Guardian

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Derailed / My Narrow Mind, 2021
Yours Truly, 2011
Live March 2001, 2008
Olden, 2003
Folklore, 2002
Hoarse, 2000
Secret South, 2000


16 Horsepower were one of the most influential bands in the history of alternative country. Consisting of Jean-Yves Tolà (ex-Passion Fodder/Lilium), Pascal Humbert (Passion Fodder/Lilium/Détroit) and David Eugene Edwards (later Wovenhand), they recorded two fan and press acclaimed studio albums for A&M Records in the 90s. In 2000, the band switched to Glitterhouse Records to release their landmark “Secret South“. The tour for the album was a real triumph. As a result, a live album was released under the title “Live” in 2001. Anyone who has ever seen the band live knows the magic they developed. Definitely, 16 Horsepower were not just any band. Three years after the release of “Secret South“, they recorded arguably their darkest and most folk-influenced chapter: “Folklore” is perceived as the band’s most intense and best album. All the sadder that it was to be the last studio record of their career.


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27. March 2023