Cash Savage and The Last Drinks

Cash Savage and The Last Drinks

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So This Is Love, 2023
Live At Hamer Hall, 2020


Cash Savage is an icon of the music and queer community in her hometown Melbourne. She has spent the last decade touring with her band, spreading her very own version of rock’n’roll. On So This Is Love, the common thread is the theme of fragility: mental health, an unstable economy, the fragility of the environment and our personal relationships, all on the verge of collapse. Cash Savage explores deeply and with unsparing honesty what love means to her as a queer woman coping with a failed marriage and mental breakdown. Struggling with depression is at the heart of this album. Cash reflects on the daily struggles with her own mental health and the struggles of a songwriter to be creative and productive during an extremely difficult time. The Last Drinks are: Joe White (guitar), Rene Mancuso (drums), Kat Mear (violin), Nick Finch (bass), Roshan Khozouei (keyboards), Dougal Shaw (guitar) and Ed Fraser (guitar). Their live shows are legendary. A tornado of emotions and sounds, with Cash Savage in the eye of the storm.


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15. March 2023