Jupiter PT II






GRCD/LP/Digital 903


When We Wrote This
Press on (Monday’s Child)
Tear Gun
Outside The Lights Of The City
To Be Lost In 87
Modern Talk
Manic Talk
Mud (Airplane Mode)




On October 7th, Blaudzun released the first of his three-part album cycle Jupiter: Jupiter Part I. Blaudzun has now announced the second installment. Johannes Sigmond aka Blaudzun bears witness to his fondness for Kraut Rock, 80s Bowie, Bruce Springsteen and contemporary indie pop on Jupiter Part II. On almost 40 minutes he convinces with breathtaking arrangements, his unmistakable timbre and the catchy, but always refined melodies.

If there’s one consistent thing throughout Blaudzun’s prolific career, it’s is his devout work ethic whether he’s occupying himself with touring, writing or media-appearances, his art is always spearheaded by strong self-determination. Making an album comprised of three different parts deviates from the traditional game plan. This fresh approach dovetails with new creative challenges as well. “I started writing songs for Jupiter Part II almost immediately after the last shows supporting Part I. It’s been very stimulating, especially the pace in which I’m producing a record. There’s always a sense of risk involved, and I really enjoy that” he says. “Think of it as a fresh bottle of wine: the grapes that have been picked are immediately processed, with no time to ripe properly. At the moment, that’s exactly how I’m approaching my songs. The transition between fledging ideas and finished compositions happens relatively quick.”

One of the cuts on Part II, ‘Tear Gun’, is an exception to this rule. Blaudzun came up with the basic idea of the track more than seven years ago.Prior to the sessions for Seadrift Soundmachine, Heavy Flowers and Promises of No Man’s Land, I kept fiddling with ‘Tear Gun’. In a way, the song served as a launchpad for all the work I’ve done on my previous albums. But I was never quite pleased with it, and I never got around to actually finishing it. However, the concept and overall vibe of ‘Tear Gun’ inspired me to write a lot of other stuff. I reckon there are about sixty versions of ‘Tear Gun’ in total. This time, nevertheless, I kind of felt obligated to include the track on Jupiter II. Perhaps the time was simply right, or perhaps I had to warm up to the song myself, maybe that’s the case.”


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29. March 2023