Nive and the Deer Children

Nive and the Deer Children

“Their stories defy any temporal or local attribution, their melodies sometimes encouraging you to hum along, other times reminiscent of cowboy ballads sung by elves.” ARD Kultur

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Feet First, 2015
Nive Sings, 2012 (2009 / Re-Release)


Nive Nielsen calls her own music Inuit Indie Rock. This describes an individualistic, atmospheric folk-pop that has its roots in the singer’s home country – Greenland – but is musically internationally oriented. And for this, she already won the US Independent Music Award (IMA) with her debut.

Traces of jazz and country are mixed into a sensual, dreamy neo-folk, which is in its essence a condensed indie pop in terms of content and music. Behind The Deer Children, in addition to the hard core of the band, there is an illustrious series of guest musicians and friends – on the releases of Nive and The Deer Children there are amounts of members of the Eels, the Black Keys and Giant Sands (part of which became Galexico) and many others; including John Parish, who became known as a producer or musician of and with PJ Harvey, Tracy Chapman, the Eels or Goldfrapp. (By the way, he is also the producer of 16 Horsepower Low Estate album from 1997). As diverse as this portfolio and her albums is the artist herself, who, in addition to music, also devotes herself to acting and was featured, among other things, in the Oscar-winning film The New World by Terrence Malick.


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27. March 2023