Odd Couple

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There is not much going on in Ostfriesland. If something is to happen there, you have to do it yourself. Jascha Kreft and Tammo Dehn know that, too. Together, as the Odd Couple, they unite a whole series of quintessentially North German characteristics: Composure with regard to external expectations, a basic trust in their own tempo and a performance that can be relied on. Above all, however, a healthy skepticism towards any unnecessary drivel and the knowledge that one should not take oneself too seriously.

Odd Couple are the masters of pairing strange opposites: Dike and metropolis, cool restraint and mad irony. Kraut and Dada mix here, one contrasts punchy soundboards and sparkling glam with guitar riffs that explode out of control. In addition, there is a lyricism that you don’t often hear in such powerful directness. And hovering over everything: East Frisian understatement.



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16. March 2023