GRCD/LP/Digital 853


Die Unschuld In Person
Barfuß Durch Die Scherben
Jugend Ohne Geld
Den Tag Vergessen
Gerade Deswegen
Ich Habe Gelogen
Hast Du Was Gesagt?




OUT is a masterpiece. Rough, loud, rebellious. Here attitude is expressed, annoyance, frustration, escape from reality, anger, outburst. And love? Yes, love too, somehow. It’s uncomfortable, unruly, intense, bitter, special. You have to write better songs first. “Barfuß durch die Scherben”, “Wüste”, “Jugend ohne Geld” or “Hast Du was gesagt?” – all epochal.

Founded in 2010 in Esslingen near Stuttgart as a noisy lo-fi duo, DIE NERVEN, having grown into a post-punk/noise-rock trio with German-language lyrics and a penchant for gloom, finally release Fluidum, their first physical album (This Charming Man Records), in 2012 after various singles, EPs and download albums. In 2014, the unanimously acclaimed successor Fun was released – and was described (not only) by Jan Wigger from Spiegel Online as “one of the most important and best German-language records of this decade”.

DIE NERVEN alias Julian Knoth (vocals, bass), Max Rieger (vocals, guitar) and Kevin Kuhn (drums) are “perhaps the best German trio since Trio” knows the Wiener Standard. They played festivals like Roskilde (DK), Melt!, Appletree-Garden and Eurosonic in Groningen (NL), plus an Israel tour, and were the first German-language band to release on the style-defining US label Amphetamine Reptile Records (!!!). Christian Ihle (taz) calls the band “best live band in the country”. We don’t want to disagree with that. Recently John Bramwell (I Am Kloot) was so enthusiastic about DIE NERVEN after one of their brilliant concerts that he even called them “the best thing I’ve seen since The Pixies opened for My Bloody Valentine on their first tour in Britain”.

With the stamp punk you might come close to the energy and attitude of the trio, but not nearly to the musical realization. Are DIE NERVEN a punk band, spearheads of an eighties revival or the hope of post-punk? “I don’t give a shit”, the band has an unagitated attitude towards their own self-image and work. Here, no one wants to be part of a youth movement. How does it say so laconic as the reality confusingly reflecting on tumblr: “DIE NERVEN Professional rock music since 2010″. Sweet bird youth: my ass.

The new album OUT is released by Glitterhouse Records. And will please not only friends of Mission Of Burma, Wipers, Bauhaus, Swans, Abwärts, Sonic Youth, Fehlfarben, early Blumfeld, Helmet or Mudhoney. A cleansing thunderstorm. As mentioned: masterpiece.

The band itself says: “We – the rock band DIE NERVEN – are happy to announce that our new album will be released on October 9, 2015 on Glitterhouse Records. It will be called “OUT.” The record was recorded and produced by our dear friend and sound engineer Ralv Milberg in a former sawmill somewhere in the woods. In the course of the release, the longest tour of our young band history so far will follow in November and December. In the same breath we want to thank Chris from This Charming Man and Else from Fin Du Monde from the bottom of our hearts. On the one hand for the great collaboration over the last years and on the other hand for getting the ball rolling back then with “Fluidum”. – In excitement, Max, Kevin and Julian”.



Posted on

16. March 2023