Peter Muffin Trio

“With the title of his debut album, the Peter Muffin Trio in any case does not reach too high: they not only maintain the high quality standard of the numerous projects from the nerve environment, they also bring the controversial mega pit in danger of collapse.”Kulturnews

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Stuttgart 21, 2021


Although “Stuttgart 21” is a debut album, the Peter Muffin Trio has a lot of backstory: the three are not just artists of integrity in Stuttgart, whose work has an impact beyond the Swabian region. Of course you know Julian from Die Nerven, where he plays bass, sings and writes songs. And also as Peter Muffin, because under this name Julian released an EP called “Me and my 1000 friends” produced by Die Nerven colleague Max Rieger in 2017 and at the beginning of the year the wonderful mangy bedroom noise EP “Dose Scheisse”. Philipp, Julian’s brother and neighbor at the same time, is also no stranger to the bustling Stuttgart music scene: he played in the bands Karies and DieNERS, for example, and is currently active in bands such as Timbeau and Yum Yum Club. Caroline d’Orville, Cali for short, is also the singer, guitarist and songwriter of Zirkel – a band that she runs with visual artists from the environment of the Stuttgart Art Academy ABK.


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15. March 2023