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Risiko, 2023
Wünsch Mir Glück, 2021
Cheers, 2018


The new album “Risiko” by Steiner & Madlaina is once again a very personal affair, but they mix it up now and then with a snotty statement. Nora and Madlaina retreated with their band to the French “Black Box Studio” in Normandy for nine days to record the twelve songs on the new album. There, all takes were recorded live and produced together with Giuliano Sulzberger. “The recordings are among the best times we have experienced as a band,” say Nora Steiner and Madlaina Pollina about their already third album. Exactly THAT can be heard from each of the twelve songs. Whether this makes it the best album they have ever made? They leave the decision to others. The predecessor “Wünsch mir Glück” landed in their home country at number 2 in the album charts – in Germany it was number 32. So in the end, let’s take a “risk” with a clear conscience and say: This album would do really well at number 1. Whether in Germany or Switzerland? Oh, why not in both countries?


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13. March 2023