Terrorgruppe – Keiner Hilft Euch

Terrorgruppe – Keiner Hilft Euch





GRCD/LP/Digital 1036


Leider Nur Ein Traum
Alles Was Ich Weiss
Keiner Hilft Euch
Neulich Nacht
Ich Lieb Dich Nicht
Besser Als Nichts
Meine Kleine Welt
Surf Kreuzberg
5 Kilo
Ich Und Du




The Terrorgruppe cult album from 1998, then released on EMI/Intercord. Nobody Helps You hasn’t been available on vinyl since the summer of 1999. The lovingly designed re-release appears as a cooperation between Glitterhouse Records and the band’s own label Aggropop. Nobody helps you is certainly the most varied record of the Kreuzberg punk band. Punk rock meets pop, reggae and even jazz. The band rightly invented the category aggropop in ’97. “The aggropop heroes from Berlin are back with a real bang” wrote the OX fanzine about the album, on which, by the way, Luci van Org can also be heard in a duet with Archie Alert in “Heimatfront” and which is also called “6060-842”. features a terrific B 52’s cover version. Nobody Helps You contains the terror group all-time faves “America”, “Unfortunately Only a Dream”, “The Last Night”, “Nobody Helps You”, “5 Kilos” and of course “Me and You”. Uwe Hoffmann (Die Ärzte, Sportfreunde Stiller, Donots) produced. Remastered by Kennel Mastering (Beatsteaks, Love A).

Terrorgruppe „Keiner Hilft Euch“ is released on July 30, 2021 on Glitterhouse Records in cooperation with Aggropop.

Bio: February 1993: Three Kreuzberg punks meet again after a long time in the Wienerstrasse pawn shop, they actually wanted to pawn their instruments. Instead, Archi “MC” Motherfucker (voc, git), Johnny Bottrop (git) and Hermann v. In the back (drums) they meet again and decide to found a band. Soon the missing bass player is found with Ice Tüte. The terror group quickly gained a legendary reputation in Berlin and the surrounding area, and released a number of self-produced EPs, which were distributed among the people willing to pogo. Ice Tüte left in autumn 1994 and was replaced by Zip Schlitzer on bass. The band now tours regularly through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. in December 94 the band gets a recording contract with the small but fine Berlin label Gringo Records.

The first recordings still sound classic, strictly punk rock, somewhere between California Skatepunk, London 77 and early German bands like KFC, Buttocks or Middle Class Fantasies. Later, more and more reggae, ska and power pop influences came along, and on “Keiner Hilft Euch” you can even hear a jazz song. The group calls this style “aggropop”. In the summer of 1998, drummer Hermann v. Out the back, machine West comes shortly after. In the summer of 2001, bassist Zip Schlitzer left the band after 7 years and was replaced by Slash Vicious.

In 2004, the band surprisingly announced: Terrorgruppe no longer wants to tour! The “Rohe Weihnachten-Tour 2004” is supposed to be the last tour of their career. At the beginning of 2013 (seven years late) the documentary “Sinful infants behind monastery walls…” – a film about the complete history of the band, the testament of the terrorist group. And shortly thereafter, the band announces their comeback on December 1st, 2013 with a performance at the Ruhrpott Rodeo Festival, with almost the same line-up as at the time of the first two LPs. Further concerts are confirmed in the weeks that follow, the two original members Mc Motherfucker and Johnny Bottrop state in numerous interviews that the band exists again.

TERRORGRUPPE not only plays hundreds of concerts in the following years, but also releases one record after the other: “Inzest im Familiengrab” (EP 2014), “Tiergarten” (album 2016), “Super Blechdose” (live double album 2017) and the farewell album “Beyond Good and Evil” (2020). Subversive fun meets biting attitude and free-wheeling variety.

In November 2021, however, the band wants to say goodbye: The “Tschüssikowki” tour 2021 is the official stage farewell after 28 years of concert tours (with small interruptions) and delivers a wonderful mix of guitar melodies, thunder drums, catchy refrains and discussion material for the whole family .

Punk hurts – the old boys of the TERRORGRUPPE hate their generation and everyone else and have been cruising far beyond good and evil for a long time anyway, beyond fuck & fake, beyond sane & sane, beyond bad & badder… carefree ones and a tiny bit of polarizing entertainment with and without charm meets frontal attack, depth and depth. No doubt, the spearhead of Central European cultural terrorism and one of the most influential German-speaking punk bands of the nineties and two-thousanders will be missed!



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17. March 2023