The Underground Youth & Laura Carbone

The Underground Youth & Laura Carbone

“An affecting piece of work that does justice to the legacy of the great Roy Orbison” – Americana UK

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In Dreams, 2021


Berlin-based artist Laura Carbone will be known to many of you from her performances at Lollapalooza, Orange Blossom Special or South By Southwest in Austin, TX. The German-Italian musician, songwriter and composer has released 2 studio and 1 live album (Live at Rockpalast) to date. In addition to a European tour, she played several tours in North America with her live band. In her creative work, Laura Carbone has never shied away from unearthing the highs and lows of romantic love, while simultaneously examining and examining it to the point of personal discomfort. This rare trait embodies an emotional authenticity that few artists have accepted and expressed in the past and present. This depth into the insecure, frightening darkness and the special gift for us to prepare musically by expressing what they found there. A master of this is undoubtedly Roy Orbison. Her musical partner Craig Dyer has been exploring the various dimensions of human existence with his band The Underground Youth since their founding in 2008. TUY have since released a whopping 10 albums, toured from New York to Shanghai and established their reputation as one of the finest psyche/noise rock bands of our time. In 2016 the British band moved together from Manchester to Berlin. Their musical preferences and pop culture interests made it almost inevitable that Laura and Craig had to cross paths in Berlin’s nightlife. They quickly discovered their common weakness for dark, romantic pop songs from days gone by and thus laid the foundation for their In Dreams EP.


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16. March 2023