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Tom Allan & The Strangest

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TAATS, 2022


Tom Allan & The Strangest, that’s Tom Allan, Evan Beltran and Nico Stallmann. After the release of their debut ‘ Dear Boy‘ (2019), the following album ‘Little Did They Know‘ (2020), a tour with Mando Diao, countless shows of their own as well as appearances at the Orange Blossom Special Festival and two shows for the WDR Rockpalast, the band now has a permanent home in the harbor of the traditional Beverungen-based label Glitterhouse Records and releases her new album TAATS on August 26, 2022. TAATS shows a band that, with all due respect for the history of rock’n’roll, has gone its own way, that has searched and found, that has set itself new standards in songwriting and performance. Standards that they effortlessly live up to. And standards against which countless bands will have to measure themselves in the future. This is still anthemic, but also unleashed, loose in the best sense, often downright monstrous. If it weren’t so terribly hackneyed, one could even speculate that this is what the future of rock’n’roll sounds like.


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15. March 2023