Oliver Earnest

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The Water Goes The Other Way


It’s amazing what references run through your head when you hear Oliver Earnest‘s debut album for the first time. Omaha is very present, especially Bright Eyes and Cursive. One thinks of the Mountain Goats and thus of John Darnielle and thus of one of the best songwriters of all time. One greets Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse in one’s mind. When it gets quieter, spherical, you don’t feel far away from the ballads of the Fleet Foxes or at the candlelit table with Iron & Wine. When Oliver lets the pathos into his voice, you’re with The Divine Comedy, and when you dive into the lyrics, there are some wonderful everyday scenes that could also happen in a film by Jim Jarmusch. Well, here at the latest it becomes apparent: No German bands or artists in this list at all? And all big names? And you ask yourself: How can that actually be? With a young guy from Stuttgart who might have caught the attention of the initiated as a member of the post-punk band Kaufmann Frust?


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15. March 2023