Oliver Earnest

“Calmly and thoughtfully, Oliver processes themes in his music that revolve primarily around mental health. Sometimes his own, sometimes of those he observes around him. Yet the songs are not drenched in pathos, but open up space for listeners to find themselves in it.” – Süddeutsche Zeitung



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It’s amazing what kind of references run through your head when you first hear Oliver Earnest‘s debut album The Water Goes The Other Way, released in 2021. Omaha is very present there, especially Bright Eyes and Cursive. One thinks of the Mountain Goats and thus of John Darnielle and thus of one of the best songwriters of all time. One greets in the spirit Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse. When it gets quieter, spherical, one feels not far away from the ballads of the Fleet Foxes or at the candlelight table with Iron & Wine. When Oliver lets the pathos into the voice at times, you’re at The Divine Comedy, and when you dive into the lyrics, there are some wonderful everyday scenes that could happen in a Jim Jarmusch film. Oliver Earnest is a Glitterhouse Records artist since 2021.


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2. August 2023