Nobody’s City – Iggy Pop with Nick Cave (feat. Thurston Moore)
Kisses For My President – The Amber Lights with Debbie Harry
Just Like A Mexican Love – Black Moth
Weird Kid’s Blues – Julie Christensen
Ain’t My Problem Baby – Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
Constant Limbo (Constant Rain) – Crippled Black Phoenix & Cypress Grove (feat. Mark Lanegan & Bertrand Cantat)
Into The Fire – Nick Cave & Debbie Harry
Thunderhead – Kris Needs Presents…Honey
Desire By Blue River – Mark Lanegan & Bertrand Cantat
Kitty Ina Moonlight – The Amber Lights with Xanthe Waite
Secret Fires – Ruby Throat
Kisses For My President – Andrea Schroeder
Body And Soul – James Johnston
Goodbye Johnny (Andrew Weatherall’s Nyabinghi Noir Mix) – Primal Scream
Break ‘Em Down – Hugo Race
My Cadillac – Cypress Grove
The Journey Is Long – Lydia Lunch & Jeffrey Lee Pierce
Shame And Pain – Mark Stewart & Jeffrey Lee Pierce (feat. Thurston Moore)



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The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project, which is made up of parts of the legendary Gun Club, friends of singer Jeffrey Lee Pierce and fans of the artist who died in 1996, is presenting Axels & Sockets on May 2nd, 2014 as the third part of an extraordinary project.
With artists like Nick Cave, Debbie Harry, Mark Lanegan, Lydia Lunch, Warren Ellis, Mick Harvey and Kid Congo Powers, Axels & Sockets brings together many well-known names from the first two parts, We Are Only Riders and The Journey Is Long. Coming in for the first time are none other than punk icon Iggy Pop, Mark Stewart, Thurston Moore, Jim Sclavunos, Primal Scream and Andrew Weatherall!

Coordinated by Pierce’s musical companion Cypress Grove, the musicians of the Sessions Project manage to turn song sketches, demo recordings, riffs, scraps of lyrics and sound snippets that Pierce, who was born in California in 1958, had recorded and written down before his death into new and breathtaking songs on the 3rd part as well.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce
first attracted international attention in 1981 with the punk-blues influenced debut of the gun club Fire Of Love. Followed by massive albums like Miami (with Debbie Harry on guest vocals), The Las Vegas Story and Mother Juno, as well as the solo albums Wildweed and Ramblin‘ Jeffrey Lee & Cypress Grove With Willie Love, Jeffrey Lee Pierce sadly passed away in 1996 a brain hemorrhage.

The idea for the Sessions Project came to Cypress Grove while cleaning out his apartment, when he accidentally found old cassette demos that he had recorded with Jeffrey before his death.

With Iggy Pop singing a duet of ‚Nobody’s City‘ with Nick Cave and Debbie Harry evoking the blondie punk-pop sound along with the Amber Lights (Mick Harvey and JP Shilo) on the song ‚Kisses For My President‘ dedicated to her, Axels & Sockets is reaching out further than ever.

Familiar faces include Mark Lanegan, Bertrand Cantat, Crippled Black Phoenix, Gallon Drunk’s James Johnston and Cypress Grove. New on board are Mark Stewart and Thurston Moore, Primal Scream, Andrew Weatherall, KatieJane Garside and Andrea Schroeder.

Axels & Sockets also features a very young band in Leeds based Black Moth, produced by Bad Seeds drummer and Sessions Project co-coordinator Jim Sclavunos.

In the spirit of Jeffrey Lee, part of the proceeds go to a charity initiated by his sister Jacqui, which gives disadvantaged children and young people from L.A. access to music and provides them with instruments.

„With only Volume 4’s grand finale to come, the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project continues to loom as a towering statement in preserving and immortalizing his fearsome legacy.“ (Tony Chmelik aka Cypress Grove)


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10. August 2023