Distance, Light & Sky

Distance, Light & Sky

“Space-grabbing beautiful folk”- Rolling Stone

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Gold Coast, 2018
Casting Nets, 2014


Distance, Light & Sky could almost be described as a kind of supergroup – its members are Chris Eckmann (Mastermind of the Walkabouts, solo artist and one half of Chris & Carla), Chantal Acda (who as a solo artist collaborates with the who’s who of neo-classical music, including Nils Frahm and Peter Broderick) and Eric Thielemans (avant jazz drummer known more to an audience of connoisseurs). In a beautifully balanced interplay of these three artists, Distance, Light & Sky creates a particularly warm, atmospheric style that Rolling Stone magazine once described as “expansively beautiful folk“. This music takes its time, spreads out, and always retains the earthy, authentic character of genuine singer-songwriting. The result is unconventional folk, to which sound engineer Phill Brown adds another pinch of genius on the second album, Gold Coast. (It is that Phill Brown who also did his bit for productions by Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Cat Stevens and Talk Talk). With Chris Eckmann and Chantal Acda also on the label with other projects and as solo artists, Distance, Light & Sky has also been releasing on Glitterhouse Records since their 2014 debut Casting Nets.



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16. March 2023