Dave Gahan ‘Mother of Earth’

Here’s the new single taken from the upcoming Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project. Enjoy „Mother of Earth“ by Dave Gahan.

Mother Of Earth’ by Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode is the opening track from this instalment and the second song from the album. This haunting classic from The Gun Club‘s album ‘Miami’ gets reinterpreted as a soulclenching, gospel infused, piano driven anthem. Jeffrey Lee Pierce once said about the song: “You think about your home, ‘Gee wouldn’t it be great if I could be back there again but I’m too far gone now, I’m in the abyss now, I’m hopeless now, I give up’. That’s what ‘Mother of Earth’ is about… like, going up the river in Apocalypse Now or something? I’d gone all the way up the Cambodian River and it had completely ruined my life. I’d become completely jaded and soulless and meaningless. I just kept thinking ‘I can never go back there again, I’m too far into this now.’ I could see now what my life was going to be like.”

Australian-born and now Brighton-based singer-guitarist Suzie Stapleton produced and arranged the song. Violin by James Johnston (Gallon Drunk, The Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey), Gavin Jay (Jim Jones Revue / All Stars) on bass, and Ian White (Gallon Drunk) on drums.

The film clip was shot in London during the Depeche Mode World Tour which is currently in full swing in support of their stunning new album ‘Momento Mori

The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project „The Task Has Overwhelmed Us“ will be released Sep 29 on 2-LP, limited 2-LP, CD and Digital. Pre-order here: https://linktr.ee/jlpsessionsproject