all diese gewalt

“Rieger is a key driver of a talented collective on the verge of upsetting the dusty German music world.” – Krachfink


ANDERE, 2020

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Since I’ve been making music, I’ve always wanted to have something that was just mine.” So Max Rieger decided in 2013, in addition to his bands. Die Nerven and The selection with all diese gewalt to pursue his first solo project. Reading Rieger’s musician and producer biography, you might think that the man is somewhere in his forties and couldn’t possibly have been born in 1993. But he is. The high tempo, the parallel work on different topics seem to suit him. “I like Berlin because Berlin is so stressful and I don’t want to take a breath because that’s not my style.” That’s why the musician had to get out of Leipzig, “because everyone was so chilled out and always hanging out at the lakes“. Even if he was not sure at the time whether he would be able to afford this move. Berlin has probably waited for Rieger, or perhaps he has simply conquered the city in his own way, because usually hectic metropolises wait for no one. In any case, locally he is already ennobled as the German Rick Rubin, according to the O-Ton of the Tagesspiegel, his work as a producer trust among others Drangsal, Ilgen Nur, Jungstötter, Mia Morgen and Karies and at the film of the year, Berlin Alexanderplatz, he has composed pieces of the soundtrack, to name only the most prominent of several film projects. His solo project All diese Gewalt is characterized in all its releases by a continuity in the basic mood, which is carried by melancholy, the knowledge of the possibility of loneliness or abandonment and the search for and the question of love and happiness.”


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8. June 2023