Art Direction, Layout [Layout By] – Olya Dyer

Lacquer Cut By – FN*

Mastered By – Philipp Welsing

Mixed By – Scott Von Ryper

Photography By – André Leo

Vocals, Arranged By [Choir Arrangements] – Laura Carbone

Vocals, Guitar [Guitars] – Craig Dyer

In Dreams
Love Hurts
Lonely Wine



We are very excited to release the “In Dreams” EP by The Underground Youth & Laura Carbone on November 12, 2021 on Glitterhouse Records. Strictly limited to 1,000 copies, this exclusive 10″ is a romantic story with 4 selected cover versions of the great Roy Orbison.

Berlin-based artist Laura Carbone will be familiar to many of you from her performances at Lollapalooza, Orange Blossom Special, or South By Southwest in Austin, TX. The German-Italian musician, songwriter and composer released 2 studio and 1 live album (“Live at Rockpalast”) to date. In addition to a European tour, she played several tours in North America with her live band. In her creative work, Laura Carbone has never shied away from excavating the highs and lows of romantic love while illuminating and contemplating them to the point of personal discomfort.

This rare trait embodies an emotional authenticity that few artists* in yesterday and today have embraced and expressed. This depth into the uncertain, frightening darkness and the special gift for us to musically prepare by expressing what they have found there. A master of this is quite indisputably Roy Orbison.

Their musical partner Craig Dyer, has been exploring the diverse dimensions of human existence with his band The Underground Youth since its inception in 2008. TUY has since released a whopping 10 albums, toured from New York to Shanghai, and established their reputation as one of the best psyche/noise rock bands of our time. In 2016, the British band moved together from Manchester to Berlin. Their musical tastes and pop cultural interests made it virtually inevitable that Laura and Craig would run into each other in Berlin’s nightlife. They quickly discovered their shared penchant for dark, romantic pop songs from days gone by, laying the foundation for their “In Dreams” EP.

When the Corona Pandemic hit in 2020, both musicians* found themselves isolated and dislocated from their everyday processes. At the same time with an indispensable passion to continue being creative. Dyer’s passion for Orbison’s music he traces back to his grandmother, with whom he celebrated the American musician’s music together as a child. To honor both of them, he dreamed up the idea of recording some Orbison cover songs at his home. This desire developed into a fully-developed passion project. While working it up, he thought of the possibility of turning this story into a duet and he decided to approach Laura. Laura, equally hungry for a creative outlet in lockdown and taken with creating duets honoring her ancestors, forebears and musical trailblazers accepted the invitation.

Both recorded their parts at home and sent ideas and drafts to each other until each of the songs was finalized. The mix was then handled by their friend and colleague Scott Von Ryper (The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Black Ryder) in LA, with longtime partner Philipp Welsing (Original Mastering, Hamburg) also responsible for mastering.

The result is a sparsely opulent beauty, heartbreak, melancholy and joy found on the 10-inch, 4-song EP “In Dreams – The Underground Youth & Laura Carbone.”

The iconic cover photo was shot by Laura’s band member and esteemed photographer Andre Leo. The artwork and concept is by Olya Dyer, Craig’s wife and equally iconic stand up drummer for The Underground Youth.

The musical production on “In Dreams” is deliberately understated, leaving room for Craig’s earthy vocals to meet Laura’s heavenly voice and choruses to briefly embrace and then unravel. The four Roy Orbison songs selected are about falling in and out of love and the deep desire for romance and connection that is inherent in all of us. The opener and title track “In Dreams” captures the first flicker of an impending romance, with all its promise and risk. “Love Hurts” follows next, reminding us that love is never really easy, despite all the joy and excitement that comes with it. The B-side of the EP is opened by “Crying” and the realization that everything is slipping away. The EP and the story ultimately closes with “Lonely Wine” as self-medication in loneliness.

The release of this EP is a dream come true for both artists. “In Dreams” is a tribute to family and friends*. To those in the here and now and to those who are sorely missed and honored at the same time. And to the very artist whose musical legacy has lost none of its relevance to this day, continues to be relevant and heartbreaking as ever.

“In Dreams” by The Underground Youth & Laura Carbone will be released on November 12, 2021 on Glitterhouse Records.


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14. August 2023