Pirouette Fall (From Unknown Source)
Of Moonrise & Birds complaining
Talk (Sonate)
chwarz mit schlechten Erinnerungen
Light Runner
… Oder ach
Wann kommt denn endlich einer



We are very excited to announce the release of the new Blaudzun single on 10/25/2019. ‘Pirouette Fall (From Unknown Source)’ is the first song from the new album ‘Music of Unknown Origin’. Blaudzun’s latest work is the soundtrack to the exhibition of the same name at the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen (NL), dedicated to the German painter Sigmar Polke(1941 – 2010). The exhibition opens its doors on December 14 – the album will be released the day before – and features 40 exhibits under the title ‘Music from an Unknown Source’. Blaudzun selected nine favorite works from this Polke collection to compose nine pieces of music. The soundtrack will be played on a 3D audio system with different speaker-sources and contributes to an overall-experience of image, sound and space.

Blaudzun immediately was fascinated after seeing this Polke collection and speaking to the curator of Cobra Museum: “It felt very special to me. Not only because of the title – ‘music from an unknown source’, but also to find a way to create a soundtrack for nine paintings, which requires a different approach than composing music for film, for instance. I decided that I needed to write music for an audio surround installation.”

This 3D audio installation, so called 11.1 immersive audio, is often applied in cinemas and allows the visitors to experience the music as if you’re in the centre of it. The combination of nine paintings and nine compositions creates an unique dialogue between Blaudzun and Sigmar Polke: “Based on first impressions, I started working on the compositions. Only after I saw the complete works at an exhibition in Zagreb I could arrange the songs and start recording. I decided to make big prints of paintings. Attached to the studio walls it provided for contant inspiration and an ongoing dialogue during the process.”

Blaudzun wrote and produced ‘Music from an Unknown Source’ in various studios in The Netherlands and Germany. In New York he collaborated with Grammy-nominated mix engineer Ronald Prent, who created the immersive audio mix at Valhalla Studios.

Dutch based indie artist Blaudzun has released five studio-albums, among which critically acllaimed ‘Promises of No Man’s Land’ (2014) and ‘Jupiter’, a tryptich album (2016-2018). If there is one constant in Blaudzun’s successful career, it is his fervent work ethic. whether Blaudzun is occupying himself with touring, writing or medi-appearances, his music is always spearheaded by strong self-determination. He and his 6-piece band played several European clubtours and festivals, among which Hurricane and Southside Festival (Ger), Bravalla (Swe), Lowlands (NL), Pukkelpop and Rock Werchter (B).

Blaudzun participated in several art projects during the years. so for Cobra Museum he’s a perfect artist to collaborate with in their efforts to find new angles to promote Cobra-art interdisciplinairy, experimental and not framed by ‘zeitgeist’. Polke’s approach is quite similar: plinairy, experimental and not framed by ‘zeitgeist’. Polke’s approach is quite similar: he was crossing borders of painting art and was also a photographer, film director, graphic designer and chemist. He’s considered to be one of the most influential artists of the 20st century.

The exhibition ‘Polke vs Blaudzun – Musik Ungeklärter Herkunft’ premieres 13 December at Cobra Museum (Amstelveen, The Netherlands) and will be open for four months.

Music of Unexplained Origin (Original Soundtrack)’ will be released as a 12″ on white vinyl and including high-quality prints of the nine images set to music on the album (as well as digitally) and will be available exclusively at, Glitterhouse Mailorder, the Cobra Museum’s store, and 50 copies at a few handpicked record stores.


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28. August 2023