“Stoppok is a master of word acrobatics, who surprises and delights again and again with his trenchant lyrics. He manages to make the special out of the everyday and at the same time also address serious topics.” – Musikguru


Teufelsküche [2024]

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STOPPOK belongs to those musicians who neither let themselves be taken over by the music industry nor be harnessed in front of any cart and goes his way beyond all trends. He releases earthy albums that produce an independent mixture of folk, rock, rhythm & blues and country in combination with unique German lyrics. He sings with a fine sense of humor about the adversities of everyday life and always shows himself as a critical observer of his environment. In addition, STOPPOK is revered by many colleagues as a great musician and excellent guitarist. STOPPOK received awards such as the German Kleinkunstpreis in 2015 or the prestigious German world music award RUTH in 2016 – and still does not step back. Tour after tour. Album after album. Because creativity is what drives him. Besides composing the film music for “Der letzte Bulle”, or bringing to life “Stoppok und Artgenossen”, a concert evening with musician friends, he does not lose focus on his next albums. Despite the involuntary Corona interruption and the associated postponement of all tours, he produces and releases his album Jubel in 2020 and starts the collaboration with Glitterhouse Records in 2023. In 2024 Teufelsküche appears as the first release on the label and as one of the most important albums of his career so far.


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2. November 2023