Lyrics By, Music By, Performer, Recorded By, Mixed By – Blaudzun
Mastered By – Rinus Hooning, Sander Van Der Heide
Photography/Artwork – Sven Signe Den Hartogh
Post Production – David Douglas , Martijn Groeneveld, Pieter Vonk, Blaudzun

hey now
one way ticket
easycome on
sun will catch
jupiter iii
ghosts pm



_UP_ is the third and final chapter of Blaudzun‘s Jupiter album trilogy. In autumn 2016 Johannes Sigmond aka Blaudzun announced the triptych and released ‘Jupiter Pt I’ in the same year, followed by ‘Jupiter Pt II’ in 2017.

The artist explains that if the Jupiter trilogy was an image, it would be a triptych, of which _UP_ is the centerpiece, and Jupiter I and II are the preliminary studies that showed what he always wanted to do, and goes on to explain that _UP_ turned away from his original vision, during the process of creation: “I discovered that I prefer my wine more ripened, not so much the first harvest.” In short, Jupiter meant for Blaudzun, after having celebrated commercial success with Heavy Flowers (2012) and Promises Of No Man’s Land (2014), and having received overflowing positive reviews from the press, that the natural next step was to draw from the same source again. In order to break free from the same old tour album cycle, he’s been toying with the idea of a triology for some time; “Whatever it was that came out of me, that would be it. The only limitation I imposed on myself was doing three records. On each of them, I searched for what it should eventually become.” And even if the logic of a stringent album production and release is an industry credo, Blaudzun reflects: “ultimately, I believe more in taking time and allowing doubt to creep in. On _UP_ I carefully weighed every note I play, every melody I sing. […] Each note was very deliberate in its execution.”

Compared to its complex predecessors Heavy Flowers and Promises Of No Man’s Land, which were often infused with a certain gloom, _UP_ sounds much more lighthearted and accessible. Blaudzun leaves more space to his preference for the cultivated and yet not simple pop song, composed all songs only on a piano, accompanied by his voice and always characterized by a catchy melody. A conscious decision, as he says himself, because his own voice is the focal point; for a long time he needed it as a complement to the music to now become certain of a simple truth – ” in the end, I’m a fucking singer. In that regard, inspiration comes from artists like Adele, Beyoncé and also Nick Cave. This winter, I was cycling through the streets on a Spanish island. You could hear music blare out of the cafes… guess what the first clearly audible thing was? The vocals. That’s when I realized I had to exhume my voice again. Instead of drums or sexy bartiton horns melody is fundamental to this record, and my voice the vehicle.”

Jupiter helped Blaudzun discover who he is as a person and as an artist. “In reality, this is the most honest way of making music. To remain true to yourself”. The result speaks for itself, so the first single ‘_hey now’ immediately became a radio and streaming hit. The album is called_UP_ because it’s an optimistic record in dark times – it’s a decision for an affirmation of life – “brimming with life.”


Posted on

10. August 2023