“In this way, they provide a bittersweet sound that brings the darker side of life to light without losing sight of the beautiful.” – Diffus Magazine



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Gloom and good humor, Dortmund rainy weather and a day at the Californian beach, politics and just-for-fun have never gone together so well as with Drens. Because here the four like-minded Fabian Livrée, Joël Brüning, Arno Augustin and Patrick Uits-Blickling and above all equals do their thing together – the band has no frontman and the members alternate in different line-ups as lead singer, guitarist and drummer! This is surf punk in spirit, because the most important credo is that “attitude and attitude to life of adventurous escape, outsiderness and otherness” must be lived, and also in the sound, but in this the fuzz guitars and driving drums are enriched with force, criticism, a lot of alternative rock, garage sound, grunge and experimental spirit. The band’s origin story is marked by the Covid years, cancelled concerts and postponed releases, with the result that the band had already released 15 singles, first played countless concerts and then postponed countless concerts again, was already featured in a Netflix soundtack (How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)) and had already made a name for itself in the music scene even before the debut album was released. This, meaningfully titled Holy Demon and produced by Sebastian Adams, who also works with Bilderbuch and the Beatsteaks, was released in 2022 on Glitterhouse Records.



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2. August 2023