Steiner and Madlaina are tour support of Annenmaykantereit

How wonderful: Steiner and Madaina are touring with Annenmaykantereit in March and April 2023!

The seven concerts in Germany and Switzerland are already whetting the appetite for the Steiner and Madlaina Tour in November, which will start on November 3 in Zurich and run through Switzerland, Austria and Germany up to and including November 29.

Those who want to get in the mood with “Risiko” will have to wait until April 14, but the video for the single “Paradies” already proves to us how good they are at partying.

Tour dates:

17.3 : Lingen

18.3 : Lingen

24.3 : Frankfurt

25.3 : Zürich

30.3 : Nürnberg

31.3 : Erfurt

01.4 : Rostock