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There is (almost) nobody in the German indie scene who has never heard of him. But hardly anyone who really knows him. The German-Dane, who now lives in Berlin and actually comes from Munich, has already experienced a lot. It is the development from teenage poster boy to established and seasoned singer-songwriter and from bluesy supernova to hip but underground crooner.

It all began with a romanticized Cinderella dream of the music industry: Jesper Munk was discovered at a very young age in Munich’s pedestrian zone when he played his first self-composed songs and cover versions of old blues and soul heroes as a street musician and then, virtually off the street, was summoned to the BR Funkhaus.

After finishing school in summer 2012, he recorded his first album – his debut titled “For In My Way It Lies” was released in 2013. It oscillates between rough blues, rumbling rock’n’roll and tender ballads, sometimes impetuously, sometimes vulnerably. In 2015, Jesper Munk’s major debut “Claim” was released on Warner Music, when he was just 22 years old.

Despite climbing the career ladder in a very short space of time, Jesper Munk turned his life around in 2016. The two most significant decisions are, on the one hand, the move from Munich to Berlin and, on the other, that he changed his musical direction more radically for some and less radically for others. Together with the Australian multi-instrumentalist and producer Robby Moore, he completely realigned his third album “Favourite Stranger”, which was released in 2018. Instead of concentrating on raw blues rock as before, Jesper Munk continued to develop as a singer and composer and from then on paid homage to soul with a strong dash of indie pop and a pinch of jazz.

In 2019, the strictly limited EP “Darling Color” was released, which was much loved by fans, and Jesper Munk founded the post-punk/kink-jazz underground band P.D.O.A. (Public Display Of Affection). This is also where he met the punk poet Lewis Lloyd and shortly afterwards joined his Berlin art-noise cult band Plattenbau.

Both bands have a noticeable and decisive influence and broaden Jesper Munk’s musical horizons.

Jesper Munk and Glitterhouse Records come together in 2024. The beginning of a new chapter…


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19. April 2024