“Musically, sharping has no boundaries and proclaim the naked truth about LArs Eidinger as a hymnal ballad.” – Kultur News



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Scharping from the most terrible city in Germany. Not from Munich. No, this group comes from Berlin on the Spree, trying with rigorous force to shake the music world. These are Jermain Mikel Herold (Lost Girls), Angelo Fonfara (Nille Promille), Christian Heerdt (Botschaft) and Kevin Kuhn (Die Nerven). Four characters, characterized by youthful exuberance and a feeling for hooklines and good songs that is almost like a truffle pig. Four singers and lyricists, all gifted with an extremely subtle sense of humor that runs the gamut from feeble to profound. A group so consistently inconsistent that it hurts – if their record didn’t ensnare us so tenderly.


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2. August 2023